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Welcome, Educators of Tomorrow!

At Immature Garden, we believe in hands-on learning! What better way to learn about plants, than to watch the grow each day as you learn. With the help of teachers, we have designed a process and workbook, that seamlessly fits into the Key Stage 1 science curriculum. Dive deeper to understand how our microgreen kits can amplify the learning experience in your classroom.

1. Sustainable Planting: The Coconut Bowl Revolution
Gone are the days of traditional, unsustainable plant containers. Our kits introduce students to the beauty and practicality of coconut bowls, a biodegradable and eco-conscious choice. It's more than just planting; it's a lesson in sustainability and understanding our environment.

2. Custom-Tailored Educational Content for Your Classroom
Every classroom is unique, and so is the way you teach. Our collaboration with seasoned educators has birthed an editable workbook that's adaptable to your teaching style and curriculum. Accompanied by a comprehensive teacher's guide, you have the freedom to mould content, ensuring each lesson is engaging and relevant for your students.

3. From Seed to Snack: A Wholesome Experience
There's nothing more rewarding than watching something grow from a tiny seed to a nutritious snack. Our microgreens offer students this very journey - teaching patience, care, and the science behind plant growth. Plus, with the known nutrient-packed punch of microgreens, it's a delicious way to introduce healthier snack choices.

By integrating Immature Garden's microgreen kits into your classroom, you're joining a network of educators who are revolutionising the way nature and science are taught. We invite you to be a part of this green wave, nurturing young minds to be curious, conscious, and connected to their environment.

Ready to Embark on this Green Journey?

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