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Immature Garden

 Start Your Own   Indoor Garden 

How Immature Garden Works?

Step 1

Choose the best garden for you!

Step 2

Step 2 : We deliver you your kit with the speed of light!

Step 3

Embark on an Immature Adventure!

Cultivator Comments

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As they say, the proof is in the eating and I am buying some more of these boxes as Christmas presents to friends who include both children and adults…  Immature Garden is for all ages!
Shirley review.JPG


 Northern Ireland

Supporting small businesses like Immature Garden is not just about buying products; it’s about nurturing dreams, fostering innovation, and growing together. Let’s make space on our window ledges and in our hearts for such green, growing ventures.



I used to think I had a black thumb, but these microgreen grow kits are so easy to use even I can do it!

About Us

Hi! We are Arnold and Anita, and we founded Immature Garden in 2019 after realising that we couldn’t buy microgreens anywhere close to us!


It has been the journey of a lifetime, figuring out how to find a way where everyone can grow fresh veggies for themselves, and we are excited to share with you the next step, OUR WEBSITE!


With our kit, you will be able to start the garden you have always wanted, and you don't even have to go outside!


We love to be Immature where we can, and focus all our seriousness where it matters!

Join us on an adventure, to rediscover our Immature, and grow together!

Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple! Do the most good, and have the most fun along the way! We say no to being greedy, no to cutting corners, and have set our sights on achieving the very best outcome for our customers!

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